The 10 steps you need to follow to start your project / STEP 3: MARKET STUDY

After verifying the consistency of your project with your own constraints and personal assets, you must now ensure its commercial feasibility by conducting a market study. This fundamental step is a prerequisite for any future business leader, as it enables you to: - Understand the major trends and players in your market, and to check the opportunity to get started, - Compile adequate information to enable you to generate revenue assumptions, - Making the best business choices to accomplish your objectives. - Determine, in the most coherent way possible, your "product", "price", "distribution" and "communication" policy (marketing mix). - To provide concrete and relevant informati

Resigning and starting a new business: everything you need to know !

You want to start your own business and leave your employment but your employer refuses to agree for a contractual termination? One of the options is to resign so that you can start your own business. As from 1 November 2019, resignation for the setting-up of a business allows you to receive unemployment benefits. In this article we will examine conditions, advantage and disadvantage of this solution. We will examine also other solutions, such as: Business start-up leave and part-time work for business creation. Resigning and starting a business: Conditions From 1 November 2019, people who resign to start a business will be able to receive unemployment benefits. Before resigning, here is

The 10 steps you need to follow to start your project / STEP 2: SELF-ASSESSMENT / BUILD YOUR PROJEC

Regardless the origin of your project, It is indispensable to provide a maximum chance of success and to check its consistency with your personal profile (as the founder of the future business). Unfortunately, entrepreneurs too often neglect this step and focus solely on the commercial, financial and legal feasibility of their project. This is a mistake! The materialisation of an idea must take into account also personal factors and also the values of the founder. Choosing to create is not just a choice of goods and services to produce and market, it is also a decision to choose a particular way of life, in line with the requirements of the future business. Verifying this coherence therefor

The 10 steps you need to follow to start your project / STEP 1: THE IDEA

Any business creation project starts with an Idea. Whether it is the outcome of your experience, your know-how, your imagination or a mere coincidence, it is often the result of an intuition or a yearning that deepens and matures with the passage of time. The more innovative your idea, the more you have to question the ability of your future clients to accept it! The more classic or banal your idea, the more you have to ponder its real utility in relation to the offer that exists in the market. 1- Find an idea for starting a business 2- The protection of the idea 3- Define and validate your idea I. Find an idea for starting a business No idea can be deemed, at first sight, superior to

Mandatory information in an invoice: everything you need to know!

The invoice complies with a number of obligations. What is the required information? What sanctions should be imposed on violators? Latest news from the official website of "Ministère de l'économie" PLAN I- Changes effective October 1, 2019: As of October 1, 2019, two new statements must appear on invoices II- Invoices: mandatory information III- Invoices: special information IV- Electronic Invoices V- Invoices: storage periods I- Changes effective October 1, 2019 As of October 1, 2019, two new statements must appear on invoices: 1. The invoicing address if it is different from the delivery address. 2. The number of the purchase order if it has been previously issued by th

What is the status of the spouse in the company?

Does your spouse regularly participate in the family business? Please do not make him/ her work without status. Indeed, if you have not formalized his situation, he/she will be considered to be your employee. A more favourable situation for him/her, but much more costly for the company. Do not wait for this regime to apply automatically. Choose the most appropriate status yourself with full knowledge of the facts. Collaborating spouse, salaried spouse or partner spouse? It is always up to the manager to choose the status of his spouse who is regularly working in the family business. But, be careful, if he fails to pronounce and declare a status, the law is now clear since the PACTE law of 2

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