Coronavirus (Covid-19): Implementation of direct aid to very small business facing difficulties

In order to avoid the closure of very small businesses in difficulty as a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, a solidarity fund financed by the Government and the regions has been set up. This fund will make it possible to pay direct aid to eligible businesses. Businesses concerned Aid will be available to companies with up to 10 employees, regardless of their status (company, individual entrepreneur, association, etc.) and their tax and social security system (including micro-entrepreneurs). However, holders of an employment contract or a retirement pension are not eligible, nor are entrepreneurs who have been on sick leave for at least two weeks in March. Conditions of applicati

Professional Tax return in France for Small business: obligation and filing deadline

What is a tax return: Required tax forms to be filled out The tax return is a set of records that the company must prepare at the close of its annual financial statements and send to the authorities in order to calculate its tax liability. The taxable profit is calculated on the basis of the data in the tax return It is composed of the company's profit and loss statement and the appended tables: - Balance sheet, - Income statement, -Asset depreciation table, - Depreciation schedule, - Provisions, - Statement of debts and liabilities, - Tax result, losses, allocation of income, - Net realized capital gains and losses, - The added value generated during the year - Composition of sha

The latest information on aid to auto-entrepreneurs / Coronavirus

Because of the Coronavirus epidemic, the President Emmanuel Macron has called on the French to stay home. This is a hard blow for companies now on short-time work, as well as for self-employed businesses that were still able to operate, and who are now wondering about the aid that the government can give them to get through this health crisis. What solutions are available? URSSAF has made some announcements 1- The monthly deadline of March 20 will not be taken... 2- The amount of this due date will be spread out over the coming due dates (April to December). It is also possible to request : 1- The granting of payment terms, including advance payment. There will be no late payment surcha


As announced by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Saturday, March 14, 2020, the Coronavirus COVID-19 stage 3 imposes the closure of all places welcoming the public that are not essential to the life of the country: restaurants, cinemas, bars, ... In this context, companies will be able to resort to partial activity, commonly known as "partial unemployment" or "technical unemployment". » 1/ Definition of partial activity According to article R. 5122-1 of the Labour Code "Code de travail" , the employer may place his employees in a position of partial activity when the company is forced to reduce or temporarily suspend its activity for one of the following reasons : 1° The economic situation;

Filing tax returns on legal dates

In the event of an increase, tax returns must be filed before certain dates. Delays are often granted by the tax authorities. Annual declarations Professional Activities - In the case of the main professional declarations, the filing date is set by decree and at the latest on the second working day following 1 May, i.e. 3 May 2020. - Companies that report online have an additional 15 days, i.e. May 18, 2020. In most cases, these declarations must be made electronically.

Negotiate Tax Payment Terms

In the event of temporary and exceptional or punctual difficulties, the taxpayer may request additional payment delays. Some are automatically granted. I. With regard to income tax - Non-automatic payment terms: Taxpayers who encounter temporary, exceptional and unforeseeable difficulties in paying their taxes on time may request additional payment terms. Their granting is at the discretion of the tax collector's accountant. - In the event of unemployment: The tax authorities grant longer time limits for the payment of income and local taxes, and a free discount of the 10% increase can be granted. - Time limits automatically granted: Sudden drop in income: Taxpayers who notice a decreas

Reimbursement of VAT

I. The recovery of a VAT credit can be monthly, quarterly or annual regardless of the tax system. - All taxpayers must upload their refund request regardless of the amount of their turnover. Form 3519 normally accompanies the VAT return. However, it may be submitted later, at the latest on 31 December of the second year following that in which the right to reimbursement arose. A statement of invoices must be provided if this is a first request made by a new company or at the request of the administration. - Any debtor who requests the repayment of credit may be required by the administration to present a solvent guarantor who undertakes, jointly and severally with him, to repay the sums fr

Exceptional purchasing power bonus : how can your employees benefit from it in 2020?

The system allowing you to pay your employees an exceptional bonus, exempt from income tax and social security contributions, is being extended in 2020. However, the conditions for using it are changing! We will explain how to make your employees benefit from this exceptional bonus. I- Exceptional bonus purchasing power : what are the advantages for the employer and the employee? Up to an amount of €1,000, the exceptional purchasing power bonus is exempt: income tax Of employee and employer contributions Social security contributions (CSG and CRDS). It is also excluded from the resources taken into account for the calculation of the activity bonus and for the allocation of the disabled adult

VAT declarations and payment

Presently, two reporting regimes are in place. Each one has a specific method of payment of VAT. I. The normal regime (Régime réel normal) Monthly returns and payments: The normal regime automaticallyapplies to companies whose turnover for the previous year exceeds €789,000 for housing sales and supplies and €238,000 for other operations. The taxpayers may opt for this reporting system. Every month, taxpayers subject to the normal real regime must file a CA 3 declaration covering the amount of the various operations carried out in the previous month. This declaration makes it possible to settle the VAT due on these transactions and to pay it, within the same time limits, to the tax authori

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