Optimise Your Business Performance


We can provide advice on growing your business through the following ways:

- Profit improvement – we can provide advice on your pricing strategy, asset utilization, tax planning opportunities, and operational efficiencies
- Raising growth finance – we can help you determine the most suitable finance solutions and negotiate with the funding providers to secure your finances
- Reviewing your structure – we can help you determine if it is beneficial to take on new partners or management into your business
- Acquisitions – we can undertake due diligence on your target acquisitions, negotiate the best terms for the deal, and help you integrate the acquisition into your business structure

Global Growth

ESCEC International has a serious international business network that brings together businessmen and women and competent consulting firms from various industries.

Our network extends to the Middle East, Dubai, and Tunisia.

We provide this international network to our clients interested in developing their businesses in these regions.

As part of our consulting work, we conduct a feasibility study of your international expansion.

Once the project is approved by our financial department, we start contacting our partners in the appropriate countries to discuss the project.