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We are a multidisciplinary and multilingual team of chartered accountants, tax advisors and lawyers specializing in assisting and supporting foreign investors on the French market,  whether for a particular project or business opportunity, or a simple ad hoc matter.



Private Income Tax Returns in France
This service is intended to help you to know if you need to pay income tax in France or no. If it is the case, we will:

- Make  the tax simulation

- Fill the 2042-2042C, 2044 and 2047 forms. 

- Follow up with tax administration.

Registration as Micro-Entreprise (Auto-Entrepreneur status)

- Registration of the formalities at the CFE

- Follow up with CFE 

- Opening the online account for monthly or quartlery online declarations

- Submit the quarterly declarations

- Year end declaration 2042 and 2042C

Incorporation Of A Company (SAS, SARL, EIRL, SASU, EURL...)

- Preparation of the by-laws (les statuts)

- Follow up with the bank to open the corporate bank account

- Publish a notice of the company creation (annonce légale)

- Submit all the documents to the greffe du tribunal de commerce (Chamber of commerce)

- Follow up with the greffe du tribunal de commerce.

- Delivery of the incorportation certificat of the company (Kbis)

After the incorporation of the company, we can follow up with accountancy, tax and social services. For more information please click  here





Tax, social security, employment and legal advice

This service is intended for foreign investors that have not yet formulated a clear plan to establish a French entity and are looking for preliminary advice in order to be able to assess the pros and cons of doing so.

The service consists in us answering specific questions posed by the foreign investor.
Such questions may include:
- Which are the most promising business sectors in France?
- Can a non-resident be appointed manager of a French company?
- Can a foreign company established in France recruit staff from its home state?
- Is offshore outsourcing deductible for a company established in France?
- What are the tax and social obligations in France?
- What is the legal status of foreign employees recruited by foreign investors operating in
- What are the tax and social obligations for a foreign company operating a business in
France without a French permanent establishment?
We answer all your questions, no matter how difficult or complex, by e-mail and/or in
person, as preferred.




Tax, social security, employment and legal analysis


This service is intended for foreign investors that have reviewed the preliminary
information and confirmed their interest in the French market, and that are looking for a
detailed analysis of one or more aspects of their project, or indeed their entire project,
before committing to establishing an entity. Such analysis may include:
* A full project feasibility study,
* Identification of the most appropriate legal form for the project in view of its nature
(SARL, SAS, SA, etc.),* Analysis of the tax, social security and financial benefits available

in respect of theproject considered.

This analysis may give rise to further assignments, such as the preparation of a business
plan or filing of an application for a bank loan.




Preparation and processing of administrative paperwork


This service is intended for foreign companies that, based on a detailed review of the French market and an analysis of their project, have decided to set up a French entity (representative office, subsidiary or branch) and are looking to entrust its management to a team of specialists.

We offer foreign investors a broad range of services in such respect, including:
- Establishing the legal structure (company, branch of the foreign head office,
representative office),
- Drafting the project declaration to be filed with the local regulatory authorities
- Defining the new entity’s organization and key administrative processes,
- Handling staff recruitment or, in the absence of staff, performing administrative tasks
(invoicing, collection, banking matters, etc.),
- Liaising with the French administrative authorities (particularly the tax authorities),
- Keeping accounts and ensuring compliance with all social security, employment, tax
and legal obligations (filing annual financial statements, etc.),
- Advising on the tax, employment, social security and legal matters opening up access
to the fiscal, social and financial benefits available under French law to companies
established in France.




Administrative applications

In order to save foreign investors the cost and time of travelling to France needlessly, we
prepare all administrative applications and handle filing and follow-up with the French
authorities in such respect.

This may include:
- Applications for certification to perform a regulated activity in France (bank branch,
insurance agency, travel agency, press agency, real estate agency, debt collection
service, etc.),
- Grant/subsidy applications for French businesses,
- Applications for the French research tax credit.




« Faten Amamou (ESCEC International) came highly recommended in a Facebook group for female business owners in Paris. A dual French-American national, I recently relocated to France after living in the United States for two decades. I have been trying to decide what the best business structure would be for my professional activity as a freelance tour guide and travel writer. I was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of information available online and opted for a meeting with a professional tax accountant, knowledgeable about the needs an international clientele.

I met Ms Amamou at her office on the Champs-Elysées where she proceeded to advise me during a preliminary meeting, offered free of charge. Not only did she understand immediately what I was looking for, she also explained very clearly the pros and cons of the different types of business structures available to me. Within 48 hours, she had followed up with a detailed email listing the main points of our conversation, the admin steps I would need to follow to create my business, and the cost attached to each option. Ms Amamou is courteous, professional, responsive, and I will certainly consider using her services to set up my business in France over the next few months. »

Véronique Savoye
Tour guide/Travel writer