The 10 steps you need to follow to start your project / STEP 5: FINDING FUNDS

I- Awareness before considering financing solutions

Financing a company is often based on a combination of solutions, depending on the type of activity or size of the company.

How to identify the sources of funding that can be applied to your project?

Who should I contact first?

To answer these questions, it is first necessary to distinguish two categories of resources:

The equity of your company (capital)

i.e. the money to be contributed to your company by you and your shareholders. Such own funds must, as a general rule, represent at least 30% of the apropriation to be financed. If they are not enough, you can solicit your family and friends who can help you build your personal contribution.

Apply for a loan

Loans from an organization providing financing and support for business creators; like prêt d'honneur, this loan will be granted to you as creator and not to your company.

The initial financing is the financing of the company's own funds. It is crucial to promote the company's sustainability because its permanent capital will contribute to its financial strength and credibility with its partners and will enable it to finance its working capital requirement (WCR).

Overview of the financing options

The financing concerns both the individual setting up the company (entrepreneur) and the company being established (LLC, limited liability company) They vary according to the nature and size of the creative project:

- Small projects - Innovative projects - Classic projects that are likely to develop..

- and others

II- Other solutions:

1- Employee savings

According to the agreements concluded by their company, some employees may benefit from:

- Profit-sharing,

- Participation (mandatory for companies with more than 50 employees), which may be fully or partially released in the event of the creation or takeover of a company,

- The PEE (Company savings plan)

- The IEP (Inter-company Savings Plan): close to the EEP and aimed at small businesses

- PERCO (Plan d'épargne pour la retraite collectif) whose funds can also be released for the creation or takeover of a company.

2- DISPOSITIF CREDIT 50K€: Get your bank loan thanks to your chartered accountant!

Recently the institute of chartered accountant has signed an agreemnt with a network of banks, this facility is called 'Dispositif Crédit 50 K€".

The chartered accountant, as the client's privileged contact, may, on the client's mandate, simultaneously contact many banks among the potential partners of the Order of Chartered Accountants of this facility.

Thanks to the intervention of the chartered accountant in the preparation of the financial report, the entrepreneur can:

- consolidate the financing file, which is essential for the analysis of credit applications and thus facilitate their submission;

- benefit from competition between the different banking players surveyed.

If you are interested in this solution, feel free to contact ESCEC team and book an appointement with our chartered accountant

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