The latest information on aid to auto-entrepreneurs / Coronavirus

Because of the Coronavirus epidemic, the President Emmanuel Macron has called on the French to stay home. This is a hard blow for companies now on short-time work, as well as for self-employed businesses that were still able to operate, and who are now wondering about the aid that the government can give them to get through this health crisis. What solutions are available?

URSSAF has made some announcements

1- The monthly deadline of March 20 will not be taken... 2- The amount of this due date will be spread out over the coming due dates (April to December).

It is also possible to request : 1- The granting of payment terms, including advance payment. There will be no late payment surcharges or penalties. 2- An adjustment of the contribution schedules to take into account a drop in income already, by re-estimating income without waiting for the annual return. The intervention of the social action for the partial or total payment of contributions or for the allocation of exceptional financial aid

3- In the meantime, you can already try your luck by applying to the Solidarity Fund, soon to be set up, and benefit from 1500 euros of aid, which will be released immediately.

Click here to access to the form This aid is intended for companies of less than one million euros, including self-employed people, and "whose business closes for health reasons, or whose turnover falls by more than 70%. A request was made on 31 March to the DGFiP (tax authorities), but on condition that this is the main activity for micro-entrepreneurs.

4- You can also try to set up a health and social action file with the Social Security for the Self-Employed. This is aid for the self-employed, active or retired, granted and managed locally by the IRPSTI, the Regional Social Protection Bodies for the Self-Employed. You are therefore invited to apply for "exceptional financial aid", corresponding here to our case of health crisis, in the event that you are faced with an exceptional difficulty threatening the future of your activity.

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