Due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on economic activity, the authorities

have set up a system enabling companies to request a payment plan

specific for the payment of their taxes.

This settlement plan, aims to support very small businesses (VSEs) particularly

affected by the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

It is aimed at traders, craftsmen, professionals and other economic agents,

regardless of their status (company, sole proprietor, association, etc.) and plan

(including micro-entrepreneurs) who started their activity no later than 31 December 2009.

December 2019.

Eligible companies are those that :

- are up to date with their tax reporting obligations on the date of their application;

- employ less than 250 employees at the date of application and have, under the last tax return, a turnover of at least

50 million for the year ended, excluding taxes.

What taxes may be subject to this settlement plan?

The settlement plan may cover direct and indirect taxes collected by the company.

General Directorate of Public Finance with a payment due date of

between March 1, 2020 and May 31, 2020, or should have occurred during this period.

period prior to the decision to postpone due to the health crisis.

These include :

- the value added tax and withholding tax due for the months of

February to April 2020, which should have been paid from March to May 2020 ;

- corporate income tax balances and corporate value added contribution, which

were to be paid between March and May 2020 and the payment date has been extended.

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